Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Be sure to go to the next page....It's were the vaca pictures start.
last night of vaca with daddy

Time with Grandma Nora

The Chapman's and the Cook

More vaca

Beach time with the Chapmans

and more

I love her look. She is looking at frogs....

Yes, sell....I agree, sell

We are so running this world.

After fight club...or a night with the Chapmans! ;)

Screaming in the mirror....

More and more pics from Vacation

My uncle Vincet is cool...so is my cousin Virginia.

I just LOVE her.

Over there we will put those things and then...

Great idea!!! Let's do it.

Even more pics

more pics from vaca

Josie loves to play the piano. We have a small one and I can't wait until we can get a big one. We can both play.

The Chapmans

I love how ava is reading.....

This is even funnier...Ava is looking up over her glasses like she is answering a question.

Finally....more post

Josie with her Aunt and Cousin

The first of many pictures with grand daddy. SHE LOVED HIM

Ava...Josie LOVES her cousin AVA.

Okay, we didn't put her in the crate... this is for my sister's dog. She wouldn't get out!!!

I just love this shot.

I am sorry for the delay.

Here are pictures from our (Josie and Mom) vacation. Dad was working. :(

Monday, July 21, 2008

Playing around with Josie

Josie had a fun week. She discovered the joys of a hamper, who needs toys! We went to the lake and took a few shots in this strange "orb" they had in the front of the brunch place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love Panda bears

I love that she is pulling her glasses down so we could see her!

While Josie's cousin was here we went to Build-A-Bear. Wow, what a place. She chose a panda to create and take home. No, Mom didn't help pick. I gave her many choices! She actually likes Pandas. I have this wooden Panda I bought for my 25th birthday. I was living in NYC and paid $60 for it. I remember thinking I was crazy to spend that much on a Panda but he looked like a Buda and I called him my Buda Panda. I rubbed his belly for luck. Every child that comes into this house LOVES this Panda. Josie is always dragging it around the house. I have added a picture of him watching TV. She did this...not me.

Anyway, because of this Panda I think she has developed a love for them. I guess I have given her a little Panda push.

The new Panda (In the Hello Kitty PJ's) is named Pai Pai. We named her in honor of one of her dolls Mai Mai. I didn't know if Pai Pai was a real word but I thought it might be....see below.

The Paipai (Pai pai, Pa'ipai, Akwa'ala, Yakakwal) are an aboriginal people of northern Baja California, Mexico. They occupied a territory lying between the Kiliwa on the south and the Kumeyaay and Cocopa on the chupala , and extending from San Vicente near the Pacific coast nearly to the Colorado River's delta in the east. Today they are concentrated primarily at the multi-ethnic community of Santa Catarina in Baja California's northern highlands.

Recent pics of the Queen!

I went to the Children's Museum with my cousin Isabelle. She was here for a week. She's cool

Hey!! I am driving here! (Overseeing the train at the museum.

More driving!!


I love these shoes! I think I will wear them. Do you mind daddy?

Wait, I shall place both feet in one......that didn't work. I fell over. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hamuuuuuuuuuu (Shamu)

We went to Sea World this weekend. Wow, what fun. Josie had a blast. Mommy and daddy forgot our camera so pics from the disposal we bought will come when we finish it. In the meantime here is Josie with Shamu AKA Hamuuuuuu.

Sunday, July 6, 2008



Two weeks ago we went to the Lavendar festival in Blanco TX. Our girl had a great time.

We'll I finally have our camera back! Jeremy had it! :)

Josie's cousin showed up today so we will have tons of pics this week. In the meantime...

Hope all had a good 4th!


Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly post..kinda

I have lost my phone and now our camera. So I am posting some random pictures.

All is well....


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Richie and I go to the museum

Josie and Sophia going to the park

Josie and Richie went to the children's museum. It was fun.

The funny things kid do. Walked into the room and found this on the couch.