Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Be sure to go to the next page....It's were the vaca pictures start.
last night of vaca with daddy

Time with Grandma Nora

The Chapman's and the Cook

More vaca

Beach time with the Chapmans

and more

I love her look. She is looking at frogs....

Yes, sell....I agree, sell

We are so running this world.

After fight club...or a night with the Chapmans! ;)

Screaming in the mirror....

More and more pics from Vacation

My uncle Vincet is cool...so is my cousin Virginia.

I just LOVE her.

Over there we will put those things and then...

Great idea!!! Let's do it.

Even more pics

more pics from vaca

Josie loves to play the piano. We have a small one and I can't wait until we can get a big one. We can both play.

The Chapmans

I love how ava is reading.....

This is even funnier...Ava is looking up over her glasses like she is answering a question.

Finally....more post

Josie with her Aunt and Cousin

The first of many pictures with grand daddy. SHE LOVED HIM

Ava...Josie LOVES her cousin AVA.

Okay, we didn't put her in the crate... this is for my sister's dog. She wouldn't get out!!!

I just love this shot.

I am sorry for the delay.

Here are pictures from our (Josie and Mom) vacation. Dad was working. :(