Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love Panda bears

I love that she is pulling her glasses down so we could see her!

While Josie's cousin was here we went to Build-A-Bear. Wow, what a place. She chose a panda to create and take home. No, Mom didn't help pick. I gave her many choices! She actually likes Pandas. I have this wooden Panda I bought for my 25th birthday. I was living in NYC and paid $60 for it. I remember thinking I was crazy to spend that much on a Panda but he looked like a Buda and I called him my Buda Panda. I rubbed his belly for luck. Every child that comes into this house LOVES this Panda. Josie is always dragging it around the house. I have added a picture of him watching TV. She did this...not me.

Anyway, because of this Panda I think she has developed a love for them. I guess I have given her a little Panda push.

The new Panda (In the Hello Kitty PJ's) is named Pai Pai. We named her in honor of one of her dolls Mai Mai. I didn't know if Pai Pai was a real word but I thought it might be....see below.

The Paipai (Pai pai, Pa'ipai, Akwa'ala, Yakakwal) are an aboriginal people of northern Baja California, Mexico. They occupied a territory lying between the Kiliwa on the south and the Kumeyaay and Cocopa on the chupala , and extending from San Vicente near the Pacific coast nearly to the Colorado River's delta in the east. Today they are concentrated primarily at the multi-ethnic community of Santa Catarina in Baja California's northern highlands.

Recent pics of the Queen!

I went to the Children's Museum with my cousin Isabelle. She was here for a week. She's cool

Hey!! I am driving here! (Overseeing the train at the museum.

More driving!!


I love these shoes! I think I will wear them. Do you mind daddy?

Wait, I shall place both feet in one......that didn't work. I fell over. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hamuuuuuuuuuu (Shamu)

We went to Sea World this weekend. Wow, what fun. Josie had a blast. Mommy and daddy forgot our camera so pics from the disposal we bought will come when we finish it. In the meantime here is Josie with Shamu AKA Hamuuuuuu.