Friday, June 6, 2008

I am a little girl and mommy is a great shopper!

I had to take a snapshot of Josie in pigtails. Can you believe how big my girl has grown!!! It kills me. She is just such a little person. She runs around saying hop, hop and jumping up and down. I thank Bunnytown on Disney. She loves that show. Here favorite movie is Nemo and last week we watched an Elmo show and she actually sat still and was fascinated. I am surprised at how much she picks up when she watches something. I am still trying to limit TV time but I am a little more open to it then I was few months ago.

The painting I posted I picked up at Goodwill a few weeks ago. I am putting a bunch of small pics in my downstairs bathroom. It's bronze and I have decided to fill it with odds and ends that have a metallic feel. That is why this painting caught my eye.

I did some research and it is worth $200-$325. It is a canvas transfer. The artist is Maurice Prendergast, America 1859-1924 and the painting is Bathing, Marblehead, 1897.

I love getting a good deal but this was great! It’s like finding treasure.

I’ll post again next week.